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Jakhau Port

According to mythology the `Yakshas’ and the `Yadava’ landed at Jakhau during the pre-historic period. The name of the port Jakhau is said to have been adopted from the term `Jakh’ derived from `Yaksha’. Jakhau remained an important port till a new port at Mandvi was opened in the 16th century. The port traffic of Jakhau was then lost to Mandvi.
Jakhau had a population of around 5000 in 2005. M/s Jakhau Salt co. of [Chennai] has got a lease on most of the surrounding salt pans for manufacturing of industrial grade salt.
Jakhau Port is famous fishing port of Gujarat, where the fishing communities from almost all of the Gujarat Coast migrates during the eight months fishing season. All types of fishing boats, Tony (small fibre boat), trawlers (bigger wooden craft), Pillani (vary small long boat) and Hodas (country crafts) are found there. All types of fish, pomfrets, salmons, cheris, crabs, lobsters, narsingas, shrimps etc. are found in large variety and volume there. The life of the village of Jakhau and the town of Naliya depend upon Jakhau fishing Port.
Sir Gokuldas Tejpal was Born on 1822 in Jakhav.( Sir Gokuldas Tejpal-1822-1867). Jakhau is also one tirth of Jain Panch tirthi, with nearby Kothara, Suthri etc. being others. Jakhau is also one tirth of how love sant shree odhavramji maharaj visit www.odhavdham.com Jakhau is also birthplace of Shri Odhavram Maharaj, the great sage of Bhanushali community and founder of their religion.Odhav Sagar Lake has also been named after this great loved saint. Jakhau Bhanushali's celebrates "RAM NAVMI" as it is also the thithi of birth os Great Saint Odhavram .
People of Jakhau include Thakkars, Bhanushalis, Jains, Bhatias,Sanghars, Vaghers,khatri, Memons, Abadas two three families of sindhi(Gangaramji bekriwale), gusains and brahmins/maraj and Kolis among others. In old days village bore forlorn look with every morning chorous of peacocks(so many there)and dusty serpentine narrow lanes. All houses were mud-stone but quite spacious and neat. The peppery dust would keep on pouring from the porous rooftiles and will form films every two hours, while walking it will embrace your feet and fresh air aound will improve health of the sickest soul.
The origin of the name Jakhau is said to be derived from "Yakshas" - attendants of gods, who had come there - it is also assumed by historians that the Parsis or Jarthostis - who might have landed on the port in past - whose flying beards and white robes and fair complexions might have made the local people to revere them like gods, and in absence of communication and the higher intellects of the visitors - they could have enjoyed their lives in that capacities. The knowledge of medicine and philanthropic nature might have helped them to strengthen the mysteries around them. mota yaksha and nana yaksha the yearly fairs near nakhtrana and temple near madhapar does prove beyond doubt that YAKSHAS/PARSHEE FELLAS DID LAND SOMWHERE IN KUTCH.
Jakhau was a big port in past, till partition and people and goods used to visit Pakistan frequently. as far as I read, the cotton, tobacco, salt were the items traded out to pak and sugar, rice, dryfruits were the items imported. The creek was trafficable up to 2–3 km from JAKHAU VILLAGE AND OLD CUSTOMS HOUSE beyond the smashan(Hindu crimatorium) side approachable from the road between de-funct "lobster farm" is a proof to it. Today the dilapidated customs godowns IN main road of VILLAGE, worn out havelis of banias who have left for mumbai and marketplaces ARE PROOF TO THE THRIVING TRADE OF THOSE DAYS and old people remember that lines of 150-200 cartloads would line up before office in morning awaiting customs clearances daily. tHE POOJARI OF SHIV TEMPLE OF BIGGEST TALAV OF JAKHAU(SHRI JETHIGIRI BAPU- he was childless) WHO WAS VERY OLD WHEN I MET HIM, USED TO TALK MUCH OF THOSE DAYS.
two incidents I vividly remember about past times, when I was told that for the two-three months of paryusans(Jain Pious months) the mahajan would give the fisher folks daily wages equivalent to their fisher catch to prevent them from fishing. further during my stay there, it was in 1998 mostly that a cyclone hit Jakhau village badly, which was cut off from even naliya for 15 days, continuous wind and rains for over 72 hours caused havoc to animals whose deadbodies lined the sides of jakhau salt road. 30 DAYS AFTER WHEN THE ELECTRICITY WAS ESTABLISHED UPON STARTING THE FAN, THE WATER DROPLETS WERE ALSO FLYING FROM THE FAN. Afterwards when the relief was distributed, a poor milkman(MEGHA-THE ABADA, WITHOUT MOUSTACHE/BEARD REAL BABY FACED FELLOW) who had lost two of his cows said that he will not fill up the form as "HE WAS AGAINST THE CASH DOLLS AGAINST DEAD COW".i (THEN) forgot his name, but he was the one darbar who supplied water at 15-20 rs a barrel in his bullock cart and has no moustache or beard growing on his "baby-like" face.

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the last line refers to Meghrajhi Abda, fondly known as MEGHO he used to be a "WATER CARRIER", and his younger brother bearing almost the same face and fatty looks was cattlegrazer.

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